Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal Interviews

  • CHINE: Smorgasbord

    Swedish Dystopian Death Metallers CHINE speak about their upcoming EP "Like Vultures," out in March 2019.

  • HUMAN BRAIN: Soul-Soothing Metal

    A progressive metal project Human Brain is dropping a new single today. Read an interview with guitarist Adam Green and watch a video for "Spaces."

  • VANE: Tunes Out of Hearts

    Poland's VANE are ready to bring the pirate-inspired melodic death metal to your doorstep with the release of "Black Vengeance," out on November 30th.

  • DEATH OF AN ASTRONOMER: Without Boundaries

    Death of an Astronomer is a project by composer Jairo Estrada who released "Digital Conversation" single in September 2018. He told us about it in...

  • HAAZE: Setting Milestones

    Singer and guitarist Mitchell Soloway of Red Deer, Alberta sludge/doom trio HAAZE spoke for Prog Sphere about the upcoming album "Swamp Mama."