Slot regulations and laws across the world

The gambling industry has shifted in recent years to an online experience and the result is something quite extraordinary.

The presence of gambling, in the UK and in other nations, has never been more obvious, with online casinos amongst some of the most profitable and famous brands around. Much of this is down to the popularity of the services they offer, with sports betting becoming an increasingly big market for sports fans who want to get a little more involved with action before them – check out these viking slots.

Furthermore, the huge amount of online gambling games and apps have played a huge role in the heightened popularity of online gambling, with the like of the slot machine – or more so, the online slot machine – proving to be a hit.

More people are spending money to have a flutter on the unpredictable reels of slot machines than ever before, with the result being that some people are earning bigger jackpots than ever before. In Finland, a world record was set by a gambler who won over 17 million euros playing an online slot machine, having only bet a mere 25 cents.

There are some big winners out there but the real winners are, of course, the online casinos. Profit margins are growing and so is their clientele, so it has never been more important for gambling and online gambling to be regulated.

Here is how it is done…

What does RTP mean?

RTP stands for Return To Player and every single slot machine across the world must have this likelihood shown as a percentage.

Games typically range from the lower 90s, up to even 98%, but these are no indication of how much a player might win, just how often it pays out a win of some kind.

Gambling Laws in the UK

Furthermore, much of the regulations surrounding gambling is written into law. For example, as most people know, you must be over the age of 18 to gamble in the United Kingdom.

Also, outlets that advertise or offer gambling services, must have a licence to do so, as written in the 2005 Gambling Act. A more recent update to slot machine law and gambling laws in general, is that they cannot be advertised without gaining permission to do so from The UK Gambling Commission.

Countries where slot games are illegal…

Despite the UK’s hardening gambling laws, the country is very relaxed compared to other nations across the world. There is a long list of nations where gambling is illegal, barring occasional exceptions for online gambling and online poker. In the likes of Afghanistan, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Poland and more, land-based gambling is illegal.

This means that in these countries, as well as many more, slot games are simply illegal and you will not see anyone spinning those aforementioned reels.

Gambling Responsibly

In recent years, a campaign to promote safe and responsible gambling has been active in the UK with the motto: When The Fun Stops, Stop.

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