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If you think Bingo is strictly a game for OAPs in care homes (as the stereotype can often be presented) you have got another thing coming, because this infectious game is far from just that. Oh yes, Bingo is played by pretty much every single generation all across the world, and the best thing about it is that it’s not even just a gambling game. That’s right, Bingo is often used for educational purposes, just as much as it is used for traditional gambling. Can you tell us of another casino game that can also be used for education? We’re not sure another one exists, and it all puts Bingo on a particularly important pedestal. And it must be a visible pedestal as well, because these days there are millions of Bingo players trying their luck every single week – click to play online bingo!

One of the main reasons for this huge expansion is the emergence of online Bingo as a viable alternative to the traditional Bingo played in halls. Nowadays it is so much easier to partake in a game, largely because you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. The added practicality is definitely the main reason why online Bingo has enjoyed so much success, but there are other reasons too. For one, online Bingo can end up being a more immersive experience than traditional Bingo, largely because of the presence of large IM chat rooms that keep you connected to all the players you share the session with. Online Bingo games also typically offer extra prizes for miscellaneous achievements, meaning that there are far more chances to win a bit of money. Winning money, after all, is the underlying reason why we all play Bingo, and with that in mind we have compiled an article featuring some online Bingo tips and tricks. Know The Rules

First things first; you are not going to win anything if you don’t know how online Bingo works. Luckily enough it is generally pretty much identical to the mechanics of traditional Bingo – you buy a scorecard and hope that the right numbers are called out, it really is as simple as that!

Although, that being said, you do have to be careful, especially when playing online Bingo. For example, you may know the actual rules of the game, but have you taken the time to learn the rules of the specific site you are playing on. Some sites require a minimum wager, for instance, and it would be awfully annoying if you were to miss out on a jackpot you have won simply because you don’t meet the minimum wager requirements.

Do Your Research

Another key top tip when playing online Bingo is to put the required amount of time into finding the best online Bingo site to play on. Just like with other online casino games, some sites are better than others, offering more in the way of bonus payments and such. This can genuinely make all the difference – some casino sites offer a large amount of cash back in return for depositing with them, use it!

Moreover, you can never be too careful these days, and doing a spot of research will cut the chances of you picking a dodgy site to gamble on. This is something you really don’t want to end up doing either, as it could really end up costing you.

Play At Less Busier Times

This tip makes perfect logical sense, however it’s not something that many people actually tend to think about. Playing online Bingo at times you know will be less busy will always be a good thing as it cuts out the competition. Just think about it: with less people buying scorecards there are less people other than you playing that are able to win – it’s simple probability!

Many online Bingo professionals therefore end up playing during the day on weekdays, and sometimes even in the early hours of the morning to avoid playing with too many people.

More Bingo Cards The Better

Another top tip that makes perfect logical sense: the more Bingo scorecards you can get your hands on the better, as this means you will naturally increase the probability of making a win. Obviously, this means that your initial outlay will be more than if you were only to buy one scorecard, but with each acquisition you effectively double your odds of emerging victorious. Why would you not?

Know What Type Of Game You Are Playing

The powers that be in the online gambling world often love to confuse us with evermore complex new game types, and this remains true in the online Bingo sphere. There are various games modes you can play these days, each with slightly differing rules and regulations.

It is crucial that you are always aware of the type of online Bingo game you are playing – failing to do so could have seriously negative consequences.

Keep An Eye On The Group Bingo Chat

A nice touch during online Bingo is the presence of a instant messaging group chat that allows you to stay connected with your fellow competitors. As well as being a nice social tool, these chats can also end up being rather lucrative.

The reason why? There are lots of extra prizes to be won during an online Bingo session, and keeping an eye on the group chat is the best way to get your hands on these.

Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Now, Granville’s Bingo strategy is regularly lauded as one of the most successful, so we thought it would be silly not to give a brief overview. In fact, Granville’s tactic is so mathematically astute that it is even used by people such as stockbrokers when they are trying to predict trends in the stock market.

The strategy basically revolves around making sure that your scorecard gives you the best chance of winning. Make sure you have an equal number of even and odd numbers, for instance, as well as an equal number of high and low numbers.

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