Legendary musicians and their relationship with gambling

Since there is a strong bond between the music and the casino industry, it might not be surprising for you that many superstars were also gamblers at a point in their career. Most of them do it for fun, while some are addicted to the adrenaline that you get when you place your bet right!

Of course, many artists love to spend their dollars on yachts, supercars, and other luxuriant things, but they are a bit more reticent to publicly admit that they have a gambling problem. However, all things eventually come to the surface, so we made a list of the most famous singers that had a tight relationship with the casino:

Frank Sinatra

The legendary Ol’ Blue Eyes will remain in our souls forever for his great songs and energic attitude. But did you know that Frank Sinatra was a frenetic gambler? Not only did he spend long nights in the casinos from Vegas, but he was also unleashing his anger on the croupiers and operators when they were refusing the huge amounts of credit that he wanted to gamble. On a particular occasion in 1967, he even got into a fight with Carl Cohen, the American gambling executive of Sands casino. After throwing some Poker chips in Cohen’s face, the executive knocked him out and he was missing two teeth. Nobody knows exactly why this fight happened, but the press assumed that it was probably related to Sinatra asking for a higher credit which was impossible to be granted because of the casino’s policies.

Gladys Knight

In her autobiography, the “Empress of Soul” admitted that she is suffering from gambling addiction, especially with sports betting and baccarat. Gladys Knight struggled with the casinos for more than 10 years and, as many of you might already know, she lost more than she bet. Apparently, most of the money she lost went at the Baccarat table, losing thousands of dollars in just sitting at the casino table. After losing over 45.000 dollars on a high stakes casino tournament, she finally decided to ask for professional help and joined a Gamblers Anonymous program. In her book, Gladys Knight stated that she doesn’t care for any of the money left, but she knew she needed help when she realized that she spent more time in the casino than with her son, which is a mother’s greatest fear. She is now aged 75 and she’s been clean from gambling for almost 40 years.


Hip-Hop superstar Aubrey Graham, a.k.a. Drake is a legend of the music industry, and for a good reason. He started his music career in 2006 with a mixtape called “Room for Improvement” which sold quite a lot of copies. Today, his net worth is estimated to be around $150 million and he’s making money from various sources like music producing or sports team management. As you might expect, “Champagne Papi” also has a passion for casinos. As a matter of fact, two years ago after a live performance, he lost over $200000 at the Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City in only one night! Losing such amount would be a tragedy for most of us, but it is estimated that Drake charges $500.000 for one concert, meaning that he probably didn’t even bother that he lost a great amount in such a short amount of time, but hopefully, he got his fair share of entertainment.  We believe that a tool to find the best online casinos like: https://kingcasinobonus.co.uk would’ve helped him stay out of the public eye when it comes to his gambling passion.

Jay Z

The world-famous hip-hop star Shawn Carter aka Jay Z or Mr. Beyonce is among the richest rappers with a net worth of over 500 million dollars, made from both albums and Rocawear clothes sales. In case you didn’t know, Jay Z is a great businessman and has made some great investments in the past that are still profitable to this day, like Def Jam Records and Roc Nation. He is also certified as a basketball and baseball agent, which is another considerable source of income. In a nutshell, this rapper knows how to handle his cash, but he also loves gambling at high stakes Poker or Blackjack events. However, he probably doesn’t even know how much he lost, but he can for sure afford it. It is said that on one of his trips to Las Vegas he lost over $500000 in a single hand, which is nothing for the superstar, but it is still a sign of gambling addiction, though he considers it a form of entertainment.

Lemmy Kilmister

It might not come as a surprise that the singer and bassist of Motorhead was a hardcore gambler and he lost a great amount of money on slots. He did write the famous song Ace of Spades after all, which was the greatest hit of the band. In an interview, he admitted that the references in the songs were indeed inspired by his lost card games and that without his addiction, the song wouldn’t have been that great. In the documentary called “Lemmy: The Movie”, Dave Vanian stated that the artist was spending a lot of time “shaking his hands with the one-armed bandits” which is slang for playing the slot machines. We’re wondering if he lived in today’s world, would he have still gone to the same club or would he be playing in an online casino from the comfort of his house. What do you think?

As you may have noticed, there are many legendary stars that admit they are addicted to gambling, but we for sure know that some of them hide from the audience’s eyes by playing in online casinos. For your own safety, please gamble responsibly and learn from these famous people’s mistakes.

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