CompTIA A+ Certification: Real Treasure on Your CV List Which Exam Dumps Will Help You Get

What Is the CompTIA A+ Certification?

There are many entry-level badges involving IT support roles available today. These include the CompTIA A+, Exam-Labs , Cisco CCNA credentials. These badges have their own benefits and unique properties. This article sheds light on the CompTIA A+ badge and the implications of having it on your CV.

The A+ certification is one of the demanded IT credentials offered by CompTIA. It is appropriate for entry-level IT specialists with 9-12 months of experience in endpoint management and technical support roles. For you to pride yourself as the Security+ SY0-501 credential holder, you need to pass two tests, Core 1 (220-1001), and Core 2 exam (220-1002). These two tests are known as “the CompTIA A+ Core Series” and replaced the previous A+ exams 220-901 and 220-902 by code.

CompTIA A+ Exams Topics

The A+ core series certification covers nine main domains: hardware, mobile devices, networking, operating systems, virtualization and cloud computing, Network+ N10-007 , software troubleshooting, operational procedures, and hardware and network troubleshooting. These topics are divided among the two tests as follows:

Core 1 assessment deals with hardware, mobile devices, networking, cloud computing and virtualization, and troubleshooting of networks.

Core 2 exam entails installation and configuration of OS, operational procedures, software troubleshooting, and security.

Each of these tests contains up to 90 performance-based, multiple-choice, and drag and drops questions that have to be completed in 90 minutes. You have to sit for Core 1 test before you can do Core 2 exam. Both of these assessments are provided by Pearson VUE and can either be done in person in testing centers or online from anywhere in the world. When the results are out, you will be considered to have passed if you score a minimum of 675 points for Core 1 and 700 points for Core 2 exam. Let us now look at how having this certification on your CV will set you aside from the rest candidates.

Why Is A+ Certification a Treasure?

For many job seekers, if not all, a resume paints your image to your potential employers before they even meet you. It sells your skills and competencies and having the A+ badge on your resume is the icing on the cake. This is because this A+ 220-1001 is offered by one of the leading vendors of IT certifications and their related exams. It is globally recognized and hence possessing this badge earns you respect in the field from your employers and peers alike.

What does having the CompTIA A+ badge mean for the organization that you are working for? You will be shocked to hear that many businesses are looking out for A+ credential holders because getting the badge means increased job productivity and responsibility. In short, skilled employees improve efficiency and ensure higher levels of performance and low training costs for businesses. The CompTIA A+ credential validates your technical competencies in relation to hardware, network, and software troubleshooting, installing operating systems and mobile devices among others. It is an indication that you can get the job done and as such it paves way for you to get higher job positions. Instead of starting from the ground up the career ladder, the A+ badge on your CV presents an opportunity to get high-rank jobs hence climbing up the ladder faster. To add more, the A+ 220-1002 credential is a vendor-neutral entry-level certification. If your goal is to be an expert in the field of IT, then possessing the A+ badge is the first step in achieving that. Once you dig into the domains covered in the tests’ objectives and grasp them, you will discover many opportunities that the IT sphere has to offer you. The A+ certification gives you the motivation to earn other higher-level reputable badges. This way, your goals are within reach.

You are probably wondering if having the A+ credential has any personal benefits. The answer is yes. Revising for the two tests and earning the badge gives you self-confidence as an individual and in your career. This CompTIA certification gives you the confidence to apply for new employment opportunities in reputable companies such as IBM, Intel, and Dell among others. It also gives you satisfaction in your work and whatever job opportunities you get, it will be because of your merits and you will perform your duties effectively. With this credential, you are prepared to start your career as a desktop support administrator, service desk analyst, and system support specialist or yet establish your own IT-related business. The annual salary that the A+ certification can get you is $61k as PayScale claims. Irrespective of whatever work position you get, you will enjoy many career benefits.

How Exam Dumps Will Help You Attain A+?

Now that you know that the A+ credential can get you both professional and personal benefits, it’s time to consider the best prep method for the sake of your successful exam performance. What can this method be? How about exam dumps? And we don’t speak about the fake ones but only reliable and verified. But where can one get these dumps? Well, we are here to guide you. Check such sites as PrepAway, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, and ExamSnap. There you will find only quality and validated 220-1001 & 220-1002 dumps and surprisingly, some of them go free of charge! You can just download these practice questions and answers, run them through a special tool, and enjoy the atmosphere of the real assessment! Isn’t it amazing?


Clearly, having the CompTIA A+ credential on your CV implies that you are bringing knowledge, experience, and skills to the table and that translates into many advantages both for yourself and for the company you wish to work for. Many organizations require IT certifications from their employees and as such possessing them is a perfect way to unlock a window of opportunities. If you want to be considered by reputable companies, have more self-confidence, higher salary, and diverse career opportunities, then earning the CompTIA A+ badge is the way to go. Just utilize high-quality and free exam dumps for your Core 1 & Core 2 exam prep and make the A+ certification all yours.


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