ALAN WHITE on YES Featuring ARW: “It is a Little Bit Confusing”

ALAN WHITE on YES Featuring ARW: "It is a Little Bit Confusing"

Yes drummer Alan White talked recently with WZLX about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the band. He also commented about the second version of Yes—the one going by the name Yes Featuring ARW.

White said: “[Well], it is a little bit confusing. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always been in Yes—I’ve never been in anything else. And you know, we’re just carrying on as Yes.

Asked about Jon Anderson‘s version of Yes touring, White commented: “I really don’t mind. It’s two different shows… What we do and what they do. So I don’t know… We’re touring this year, and they’re touring a little bit later this year.

We know it’s a little bit confusing. But in our minds… I’ve just been doing the same thing, and so has Steve [Howe]. We keep on doing what we’re doing. We don’t have to say anything or prove anything different than what we do.

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