Exclusive: VEDIC Launch Lyric Video for “Dead on Impact”

Exclusive: VEDIC Launch Lyric Video for "Dead on Impact"

Philly metallers Vedic are set to release their self-titled EP digitally on March 17th. Premiering today is a single and lyric video for “Dead on Impact.” Watch it below.

About the song, singer Jason Feinen commented: “This song is about being pulled into your environment, whether it be personal, social or political. It’s about that moment that you realize “how did I get here?” and you feel like you’re trapped in a cycle or a place that’s detrimental to your life. It could be addiction or self-loathing or even as simple as being drawn into the world of judgement on social media. At one time or another we’ve all been part of or affected by some status quo or ideology or vice that has made us feel helpless and hopeless. ‘Dead on Impact’ runs through a description of how it feels to be stuck on that downward spiral.

As with any of the other Vedic material, there’s always a theme of awareness, warning and consequence.

Feinen said: “This song touches on a perception of imprisonment and helpless emotion, ‘Trial’ is a song about addiction and narcissism’s effect on our relationships, ‘Parasites’ is about human abuse of our environment and all of these songs there’s always a judgement of character, an empathy for apathy and a reminder of mortality. I like to think that our music about never forgetting how the real world works and how to read between lines and stay away from the traps.

Vedic is out on March 17th; order it from Bandcamp here. Watch a lyric video for “Dead on Impact” below. Before the EP drops, Vedic will launch a music video for “Dehumanized” on March 1st.

Vedic line-up:

Jason Feinen – Vocals

Matt DiFabio – Guitars

Richard Gulczynski – Guitars

Scott Schmitt – Bass

Joey Eck – Drums





Vedic album art

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