Exclusive: Hear New UDI LEVY’s Song “Just Before I’m Gone”

Exclusive: Hear New UDI LEVY's Son "Just Before I'm Gone"

NYC-based progressive rock guitarist, Udi Levy, releases “Just Before I’m Gone” from his upcoming instrumental album Addictive Substance out on June 2. Prog Sphere has exclusive rights to premiere the song. Stream it below.

He commented about the song: “I composed the melody first on this one and then added the harmony. The melody felt like a farewell tune saying goodbye for the last time before leaving forever. That’s why I named it ‘Just Before I’m gone.’ The song has a long fade out giving the people tiny bit more time to say their last goodbye bye. It makes me sad when I’m listening to it with a bittersweet kind of an ending.

Levy has lent his skills to projects by Mano Reza, James Reeno, Devlin Miles, David Easton and is considered to be on a high demand session player of Spazzoid Records. A high-profile session player and lead guitarist around New York City, Udi Levy made a name for himself with 10 years in the smooth jazz scene, composing more than 30 jazz songs and 3 major radio single hits. He is currently endorsed by Suhr Guitars.

Levy’s skills and passionate performances have wooed audiences around the globe from Maplewoodstock Festival in NJ and Aviv Festival in Miami, garnered an invitation to play for former President of Israel, Ezer Weitzman, and launched him on tours from Eastern Europe to Canada and all over the US. He studied with greats including Steve Paskof, (Berklee College of Music Alumni) who has played with Marcus Miller and John Scofi, and has mastered licks from genres ranging from blues to rock to jazz. Levy’s first release, “Smooth Jazz Tales,” ranked among the top 50 on “smooth jazz charts” and was featured on “Music Choice Cable Channel” after just 3 months, and various singles placed him in the top 10 smooth jazz charts over the past decade. With the help of ASL Media and Promotion, he has recorded radio spots on the UK smooth jazz circuit, including stations JazzNet 247 and WJAB 90.0 FM. Carving out a new path and showing another side of himself, Levy has fused his love for multiple genres and influences like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Dream Theater and Vinnie Moore on his debut, instrumental album, Addictive Substance.

Regularly performing at The Bitter End, The Groove NY, Cutting Room and other high-end venues around New York, Levy will continue to impress audiences beyond his home base. Stay tuned as Levy releases more from his newest album.

Udi Levy - Addictive Substance

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