Prog Sphere Exclusive: Canada’s TYLOR DORY TRIO Warm Us Up This Winter With Video for “East of Eden”

Tylor Dory Trio

Tylor Dory Trio from Edmonton, Canada are putting out a new record and it’s exactly the warm proggy hug you need this winter. Unsought Salvation is full to the brim with warm riffs and spicy drumming, topped with delectable vocals that will warm you up as the nights grow longer.

TDT explains the connection between the new album and their 2015 debut EP Carried Away:

The album should serve as a valid continuation from ‘Carried Away‘ alongside spiritual ties to the first EP. ‘Carried Away‘ was tonally quite dark, we feel that ‘Unsought Salvation‘ is a more balanced presentation featuring some upbeat tracks alongside darker and heavier tracks that you may have come to expect from listening to ‘Carried Away‘.

Teaming up with us at Prog Sphere for the first single off this album ”East of Eden,” the trio have put together a video featuring their adventures in Norway where the full length was recorded.

When asked about the themes present in ”East of Eden,” TDT explains:

It’s our leading single and one of the most accessible and hooky songs on the album. I love how the chorus evolves in this song, getting bigger and bolder each time. A song about betrayal, we feel that ‘East of Eden’ matches the fire of the lyrics while staying refined musically. Also, the only song, other than the acoustic tracks, recorded on six string-guitars as opposed to eights.

Watch ‘East of Eden’ below.

Unsought Salvation has something for everyone and will be especially enjoyed by fans of Devin Townsend, Opeth and Porcupine Tree. The trio worked with Christer Cederberg at Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand, where the bass drums and guitars were recorded in 2017, except for vocals and synth taking place in their hometown of Edmonton, AB, Canada, at The Laboradory. The album will be out on December 20, 2019.

Album pre-order here.

Unsought Salvation

Unsought Salvation Track Listing:

1. The Righteous and the Rest (6:16)
2. Comatose (5:15)
3. The Fallen Man (5:45)
4. Dying Light (5:08)
5. The Spaces In Between (5:06)
6. East of Eden (5:49)
7. Glass Menagerie (5:28)
8. Marionettes (of Distant Masters) (4:37)
9. Into The Maelstrom (4:40)
10. Cenotaph (13:42)
Album Length: 1:01:52

For more info:

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