Exclusive: Stream THE OUTSIDER’s New Single Feat. SHINING’s JØRGEN MUNKEBY


Mexican Avant-garde Extreme Metal project The Outsider returns later this year with the release of a new album. The project—founded by composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist The Outsider—is launching a first single from the album for the song “Suicide is Progress,” which features guest performance by saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby (Shining, Ihsahn, Emperor). Stream the song below.

The Outsider commented: “‘Suicide is Progress’ is about madness, the overall concept of the album is like a compendium of Horror, in its different types, and as something that covers other negative things such as fear, despair or sorrow. The Outsider started as a Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror inspired project but now it is about many types of horror, there are songs about cosmic horror, horrific sci-fi scenarios, dark mythology; and ‘Suicide is Progress’ covers the humane part of these negative things and its impact, that’s why lyrics deal also with religion, society and even politics and also that is why it’s the most insane song in the album, because humane madness is real, not fiction.

About working with Munkeby, he said: “Working with him was great, not only because I truly admire his work and like his projects, but because I knew that his playing style would entirely fit into the song and its concept, he had a lot of freedom on recording his parts, I like to work that way when I ask other musicians to collaborate on my tracks, not giving strict instructions but letting ideas flow, hearing suggestions and giving any type of freedom, I think is the best way to get great results, so with Jørgen I just told him from which bar to which bar I wanted his solos to be in, the playing style, and he did the rest. I am more than satisfied with the outcome.

For months it’s been spoken about the musical evolution in the project and “Suicide is Progress” perfectly represents this change, with a sound that moves away from the symphonic metal and gets close to the experimentation and avant-garde sound, with musical elements such as synths and jazz, also moving away from the cosmic horror lyrics, but keeping its trademark dark sound. The orchestra and the Middle East influences are still there for the rest of the album, but this new single displays The Outsider’s evolution and challenges everyone’s ear, because it will be that way henceforth.

Stream “Suicide is Progress” on below. The single will be available on streaming platforms on October 11th. Stay tuned for the upcoming The Outsider album by following the project on Facebook and Bandcamp. 


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