THE MERCURY TREE: Exclusive Premiere Of A New Song, Taken From The Upcoming Album

Portland’s experimentalists The Mercury Tree are about to release their third album called Freeze in Phantom Form on September 15th. The follow-up to 2011′s Pterodactyls sees the band turning towards more spacey, jam-oriented shooegaze mood, with more use of live looping and keyboards.

After Interspatial, which is available to stream on the band’s Bandcamp page, Prog Sphere brings you an exclusive premiere of Frontera, the second song of the album. When asked about the song, as well as the album’s direction, Ben Spees (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and Aaron Clark (bass, backing vocals) say:

This song went through so many mutations and yet it seemed to progress in a very natural way. It started with Aaron’s bass riff, which was originally in 7/4, then mutated to 13/8. Something about it just inspired a slew of possible guitar ideas, probably three or four times more than we were able to actually use! I think we all felt really inspired on this song and the entire structure came together very quickly.” – Ben

Frontera, at least for me, was one of my favorite songs to write on the record because it was really collaborative, and not just in that we each contributed our own parts, but really showing what we could do when we put our minds together to strengthen the song as a whole. The new album generally has been very much that way – it has been collaborative in a way that does justice to the songs. We checked our egos at the Bongo Fury parking lot and tried to pay attention to each other and to the songs themselves, letting them breathe. We have all been able to incorporate a piece of ourselves and our visions and do something that I think we are all very satisfied with and excited about.” – Aaron

Freeze in Phantom Form is available to preorder at Listen to Frontera in the player below.

[mp3player width=590 height=130 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=themercurytree.xml]

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