Premiere: THE CROWN REMNANT Launch “Storm’s Edge” Lyric Video

Premiere: THE CROWN REMNANT Launch "Storm's Edge" Lyric Video

SoCal-based metal band The Crown Remnant are set to launch a full-length album The End of Days, and premiering today is the first single and lyric video for “Storm’s Edge.” Stream the video below.

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Ash commented about the song, “‘Storm’s Edge’ is the opening track of a 10 track concept album, The End of Days. When I was writing the album in early 2020, there was so much uncertainty and darkness happening in the world. The fear of the future, questions about a viral pandemic, and an increase in governmental abuses of power and alt-right fascism. Storm’s Edge, and inevitably The End of Days was written as a follow up to my earlier album, The Wicked King about the effects of tyranny and its insidious ideals working their way into modern government corruption around the world. I could feel a “storm on the horizon”, a dark cloud that we’ve all been fighting in modern times and that inspired the album, and the song.

“Storm’s Edge”—recorded, mixed and mastered with the help of Miami Dolphin and Mazen Ayoub—elevates the feelings of tragedy and helplessness with a more personal story that happened to Ash at the same time: the death of one of his students, a 14 year old girl. Will said, “These feelings and the darkness surrounding the world at the time all wrapped together to take the lessons of my personal story, and simultaneously speak of the larger thoughts and ideas to kick off this concept album.

About the concept of the upcoming album Ash summarizes it under describing the end of the world. “You’ll notice when you pick up the album that it’s split into 3 parts or acts,” and goes on saying, “these acts separate not only the major themes of the album, but also a three-act storyline, as well as three musical shifts on the album. I like working with so many layers because it adds levels of depth to the project that help the album endure even for future generations.

“Storm’s Edge” is part of the first act “Life” which focuses on humanity, and the human responsibility to a theoretical end of the world. This part of the album uses less strings/classical elements than the later ones, and instead centers on “voices” as a driving texture. The musical style is more traditional metalcore and melodic metal, but with progressive tempo, meter, and modal shifts that highlight the uncertainties, surprises, and strangeness of life. The lyrics are all about human stories from deep personal ones, to larger outlooks on our impact, choices, and base instincts.

I really wanted to create something special with this whole album concept, and have it smoothly follow a sort of cinematic ‘Crown Remnant Universe’ following the ‘events’ from the previous album,Ash concludes.

Watch a lyric video for “Storm’s Edge” below and pick up the single from all major streaming services here. Follow The Crown Remnant on Facebook and Instagram.

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