Exclusive: Hear New THE BODY POLITIC Single “Dousing”

Exclusive: Hear New THE BODY POLITIC Single "Dousing"

Canadian progressive metal six-piece The Body Politic are scheduled to released their third album contr:addiction on November 17th, a release that in the band’s own words “delivers their most meaningful and emotional music thus far.” The record was mixed by renowned producer Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery).

The group from Nanaimo, British Columbia has teamed up with Prog Sphere for an exclusive premiere of the new single “Dousing,” available for streaming below.

Commented singer Sam Britton, “‘Dousing’ is written from the perspective of an addict. It’s about the isolation they feel from their family. The anger, the fear and the resentment they are unable to control as their life falls to ruin. With ‘Dousing’ I tried to convey the uncertainty of rehabilitation, and the ups and downs that a lifelong struggle with addiction brings. The song was written to mirror the perspective of track five, ‘Kindling,’ which looks at addiction through the eyes of a family member trying to intervene. Showing both sides, my goal is to shed light on how addiction can consume a family, and that addiction affects much more than just an individual.

contr:addiction is out on November 17; pre-order now from Bandcamp.

cont:addiction Track Listing:

1. Parasoul
2. Akrasia
3. Growing Pains
4. Problem
5. Kindling
6. Signals
7. Dousing

The Body Politic line-up:

Sam Britton – Vocals
Matt Aasen – Guitar
Dan Montgomery – Guitar
Rob Wilkinson – Keys
Jesse Janzen – Bass
Spencer Bowman – Drums

The Body Politic - contr:addiction

About The Body Politic:

Originating on Vancouver Island, The Body Politic is a six-piece powerhouse of poly-metric grooves, aggressive screams and soaring vocal melodies, pushing the boundaries of modern metal music. The members honed their craft in post-secondary music programs while recording their first full-length release All Too Human (2011). The album and the subsequent touring put them on the map in Canadian progressive metal, and led them to opening spots for bands like Tesseract, Protest The Hero, and Scale The Summit.

The Body Politic solidified their position as one of Canada’s most vibrant independent metal acts with their second release Egressor (2014). This album was a leap forward in both technical musicianship, and raw, honest emotion. The video for the lead single titled ‘All Hands’ was supported by Much Music and premiered on Much.ca. The extensive tour cycle that followed this release propelled the band to new heights in the Canadian music scene, and due to the press that this album generated, the band gained dedicated fans in Europe and the United States.

In 2017, The Body Politic will release their most anticipated album thus far. contr:addiction (2017) deals with the most personal and emotional subject matter to date. With this album, The Body Politic breaks the progressive metal mold. Mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood – a process completely funded by fans via an IndieGogo campaign – these songs reconceive what progressive metal can be, and reveal the most sophisticated songwriting the band has ever accomplished.

On stage and in the studio, The Body Politic brings a new kind of energy to progressive metal. They challenge the status quo. They innovate. They redefine.

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