TESSERACT Recording New Album

TESSERACT Working on New (Concept) Album

Tesseract have confirmed that their fourth full-length studio album – the follow-up to 2015′s Polaris - is being recorded at the 4D Sounds in Milton Keynes.

The studio is run by the band’s own guitarist Alec “Acle” Kahney, not much additional info has been revealed.

Back in April, guitarist James Monteith said the band has grown tired of aggressive vocals, telling C24:

One thing we always try to do is not to repeat ourselves and do something that we find interesting and different.

It wasn’t a conscious decision to reduce the amount of screaming and aggressive vocals, but it was something we found to be a bit overly done, and we weren’t feeling it when we tried it.

Never say never to aggressive vocals. On the last record there was a little bit used, more as a texture rather than a lead vocal part, and I’m sure there will be more of that. If a part calls for it, and it works, then maybe there will be a very heavy screaming part.

Ultimately we just want to make music that sounds good, and if it doesn’t excite it then we won’t use it.

And I guess the majority of us are kind of sick of that sound. Sick might be a bit of a strong word. It just doesn’t do that much for any of us anymore.

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