TARJA TURUNEN on Relationship with NIGHTWISH: “Time Heals”

TARJA TURUNEN on Relationship with NIGHTWISH: "Time Heals"

Classic Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen talked about her current relationship with her former bandmates, telling Heavy Magazine:

The past is the past. I got to share the stage with Marco [Hietala], the bass player/singer of Nightwish last year. I haven’t seen him in 12 years or something.

So we shared the stage in Finland, there was a tour called ‘Raskasta Joulua,’ which is a heavy metal Christmas tour. I went there after one of the soloists and I sang some songs with him.

It was actually a really good meeting. We felt really good embracing each other on the stage and people were crying; the audience was crying. It was a good thing for us.

They have their own life, I have my own life, everything is fine. Time heals. Also, the thing is that you’re an adult. You need to think and live your life. You only live once. That’s how it is.

Tarja has released a new live album titled Act II on July 27, you can check out the performance of “Victim of Ritual” below.

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