STEVEN WILSON: There are Zero Chances for PORCUPINE TREE Reunion

STEVEN WILSON: There are Zero Chances for PORCUPINE TREE Reunion

Steven Wilson said that not much has changed in terms of Porcupine Tree, now sharing a firm stance that a reunion is simply not on the cards.

Directly asked by Eon – “What are the chances of a return for Porcupine Tree?” – Steven replied:

Well, honestly, I would say zero, because I’m just not that kind of person.

I don’t go backwards. I’m not interested in going backwards; I want to move forwards, I want to do different things, I want to work with different people, I want to explore different kinds of music. That would seem like a terribly backward step to me.

I’m proud of the catalogue; it’s there, it exists, but it’s kind of closed, it’s finished. We did 10 albums in 15 years; I think that was a good time to stop and do something else, personally.

Asked about when he will be back in the studio for the next solo album, Wilson answered: 

Well, I’m already writing. I had a few months off between the release of the album ['To the Bone'], and the beginning of the tour, so I started writing some new ideas. I’ve got a few ideas already, but I don’t expect I’ll be doing much this year except being on tour.

It’s hard to work and write on tour, and the tour already extends to October, and I think it’s probably going to even go through until the beginning of 2019. So, I don’t imagine I’ll get back to the studio properly until mid-2019.

So, it’ll be a while yet, but you know what, there’s still a lot of music that I’ve got in my back catalogue that needs to be played first on the road, so I’m happy to be doing that for now.

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