SPURGE Deviate From the Form on “Four More Songs” EP

SPURGE Deviate From the Form on "Four More Songs" EP

Atlanta, Georgia progressive post-rock act Spurge, managed by singer and bassist Jen Hodges, is a band that has the full potential of being held dear by radical Frank Zappa. On the group’s most recent release, a 2017’s EP Four More Songs, Hodges and the band certainly deviate from the form, making for the progress to be possible.

Sharing the same vision as Zappa decades earlier, Spurge are all about unconventional — in every musical aspect — on Four More Songs.

Formed in 2012, Spurge went on the release three EP records since then, including 2014’s The Untitled, 2015’s The Titled, and finally this year’s Four More Songs, each being in a league of their own, but it is the 2017 release that goes the most far in exploring different vibes.

Four More Songs cover

Blending the in-your-face intricacy of genre-defining Isis and Cult of Luna, with a Progressive Rock twist of The Mars Volta and The Dear Hunter, while paying tributes to the greats such David Bowie and aforementioned Zappa, Spurge makes sure for an unforgettable sonic journey.

I’m caught in this constant dialogue with fellow musicians where we dissect the merit of a tune either being ‘cerebral’ or ‘catchy’,” opens up Jen Hodges about her vision for the creative process for Four More Songs. “I try to accomplish this in most of my songs, but I really dove in to the idea on ‘Four More Songs.’  I also always want the listener to experience beauty and ugliness in my EP’s. I’m big in to the idea of balance.

By conducting so many divergent styles, refining their songwriting and compositional skills, the band proves just how perfectly an act can fuse the familiar and the fresh. As rewarding as any record by any of the aforementioned analogous acts, Four More Songs also stands as its own idiosyncratic statement of purpose and possibility, making it an invaluable tool to conquer both the stagnancy of mainstream music and the absurdity of the world around us.

Four More Songs EP is out now; grab it from Bandcamp. Follow Spurge on Bandcamp and Twitter.

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