Premiere: Israeli Alt/Prog Rock Act SAFFEK Launch Animated Video for “Mad”

Premiere: Israeli Alt/Prog Rock Act SAFFEK Launch Animated Video for "Mad"

Israeli alternative/progressive rock band SaffeK, led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Oren Amitai, has launched an animated music video for the electrifying single “Mad,” taken from the All Too Human EP. Watch the video below.

SaffeK create a rich wall of sound with layers of guitars and keyboards, powerful rhythm section led by raw scorching vocals. Speaking about the story that inspired “Mad” and the video, Amitai says: “‘Mad’ is all about the experience of being a person that suffers from the consequences of being a part of a society that is engineered by the social media. A system that often profits from making people divided and fueled with differences and anger. I wrote “Mad” from my personal experience with anger as a massive element that started to conquer more and more of my livelihood. I found myself taking my dog out for a walk in the morning and feeling as though everyone was my enemy; I started to question if I’m insane, mad or if there are bigger powers at play. All of that gave birth to the song and ultimately to the videoclip that portraits this exact mad situation (and also features an 8-bit version of myself and more importantly, my dog.”

He goes on saying, “The chorus goes ‘not insane, just mad’ with a primal scream. The song is about tackling, understanding and healing from the poisonous state of living with a lot of anger but, with it, accepting the fact that you can and you should let yourself go mad without feeling as though you’re insane.”

All Too Human, the EP that features “Mad” as the first single, is about the four basic human struggles that Oren faces day to day. The four elements of what makes him—and a lot of us—human, and stops us from reaching a more divine state of existing: stress, alienation, sadness and anger. “Mad” starts this journey in the EP with an explosion of energy and frustration.

With the ongoing crisis within the music industry caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, SaffeK are ready to hit the stages again as soon as there is a green light for that. Amitai says, “The excitement of returning back to feel the crowd and the awesomeness of live music are dominant in our view for what will come next. We are preparing all that’s needed in order to go back ASAP to meet our wonderful fans in Europe and elsewhere, counting the days. In the meanwhile another EP is set to be released by the end of 2021 and a few more videoclips will be released until then.

Watch a video for “Mad” below. For more information about SaffeK visit the band’s website here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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