Video: RUSH’s “YYZ” Drum Cover by 12 Year Old Indonesian Girl

Video: RUSH's "YYZ" Drum Cover by 12 Year Old Indonesian Girl

12 year old girl from Indonesia, Kalonica Nicx, has done quite a good job with her drum cover of Rush‘s song “YYZ.” Watch the video below.

YYZ is the identification code of the Toronto Pearson International Airport in the band’s hometown. The tune’s distinctive 5/4 rhythm came to be as the boys heard the YYZ identifier code played in Morse code.

“YYZ” is an instrumental song that appears on Rush‘s 1981 album Moving Pictures. The live album Exit…Stage Left (1981) and the concert video recording A Show of Hands (1989) both include versions in which Neil Peart incorporates a drum solo; as an interlude on the former, and as a segue out of the piece on the latter.

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