ROGER WATERS: “DAVE GILMOUR and I are not mates”

ROGER WATERS: "DAVE GILMOUR and I are not mates, we never were and I doubt we ever will be"

More than 30 years after Roger Waters left Pink Floy , he continues to have a contentious relationship with the group’s longtime guitarist David Gilmour.

Dave and I are not mates, we never were and I doubt we ever will be,” Floyd’s founding bass player tells the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. “Which is fine, there’s no reason why we should be.

But regardless of how he and Gilmour got along, Waters has good things to say about the music they made together.

You can be creative without being friends,Roger notes. “David and I did a lot of really great work together, which wouldn’t exist without both of us being there.

Waters reveals that he’s still annoyed at the attitude he claims Gilmour and late Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright had about what they perceived as his lack of musical ability.

I think the idea that Rick and David particularly tried to sell me in the band, when I was a young man, was that I was a bit of a headmaster but I shouldn’t bother myself with music because I wasn’t musical,” he maintains. “It’s absolute crap. I’m twice the musician either of those guys ever were. I just am. I’ve got it. It’s in me.

As for his relationship with Pink Floyd‘s other surviving member, drummer Nick Mason, Waters says, “I love Nick. And he loves me. We were always close.

As previously reported, Waters will be releasing Is This the Life We Really Want?, his first new collection of original rock songs in 25 years, on June 2. Roger tells that the album, on which he worked with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich ”is a sort of homage” to Pink Floyd‘s classic albums.

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