ROBERT PLANT Talks Why He Refuses LED ZEPPELIN Reunion

ROBERT PLANS Talks Why He Refuses LED ZEPPELIN Reunion

Robert Plant has once again shot down the idea of Led Zeppelin reunion, telling The Telegraph:

You can’t ever really go back. It’s tough enough repeating yourself with something that’s a year old, never mind 49 years old. I’ve got to keep moving.

Plant also talked about the impact recent deaths of rock musicians made on him, saying:

How many voices are disappearing? The contributions to our time of listening and wonder. There’s always a trip going to say goodbye.

Maybe that’s how people think about me! ‘Fucking hell! Better go and see Planty! How much longer can he keep it up?’

Last month, Robert acknowledged that the band’s 2007 reunion was “magnificent,” telling Rolling Stone:

It was magnificent.

We hit a home run that night, which is something that we were really fearful of. There was probably more riding on that than we would care to believe.

Our performance was crucial, but we could reproduce sound in a much more reliable way, so we could be kickass, and sound kickass.

Some of those horrific gigs way back were lacking in quality.

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