RIVERSIDE Talks About the Upcoming Album

Photo: Anna Panasz

The frontman of Polish progressive rock/metal outfit Riverside, Mariusz Duda has came up with an update regarding the upcoming fifth full-length album. Duda says:

I think it’s high time I wrote a few words about our latest recordings. I know that up until now, except one weird video and some photos, not much information has been posted about the progress in creating Riverside’s new album. I know, I’m aware of that. I admit that I’m not a big fan of exaggerating and hyping it up in advance. Instead of writing about what we’re planning to do, what we’re going to wear and what incredible stuff we’re going to eat and drink during the upcoming sessions, I preferred to concentrate on the hard facts. I know, though, that nowadays some information-hungry fans, who can’t get enough of new facts, get impatient and are quick to think that something’s wrong. For some, not being able to access new information 24/7 is hard to accept. We live in a time when not answering your phone is easily interpreted as rude and sends a message to the caller that you’re ignoring them when, in fact, you just may not feel like talking or need some privacy. What privacy? A majority of professions now require you to give up your privacy—you have to be available all the time. Also, ones private life is often exposed and made public thanks to some people who make their living doing this.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve just said a few words about the new lyrics that are being written. The music is already composed. The sketches that we recorded in March have been edited and we’ve selected some parts, gotten rid of some things, and introduced some others. Now we’re recording what should be there in the end. How many songs will there be? Most probably, eight. There will be one longer song, and the others —all shorter than… six,seven minutes. Now it seems the album will be more or less fifty minutes long. We’ve already recorded the drums and bass for five tracks. This week we’re recording some guitar and keyboards parts.

The Serakos studio in Warsaw changed its location while I was recording Lunatic’s Impressions and is now bigger and much better equipped. I had to come back here. I can already hear that this is going to be our best production but I’m not only referring to the recording. I was uncertain of what would come out of this album. At the end of last year I still didn’t have a clear idea about it. I didn’t know which way to go. And then I asked myself,” What is it that I enjoy most about our music? And as a band – what haven’t we discovered yet, which alleys and corners haven’t we fully explored? What do we need to do for this album to have its own specific character and sound?” So we sat at our rehearsal place, we drew some stuff on paper and began to learn the new songs. Now we’re in the studio and slowly, note by note, we’re transferring it all onto the hard disc. And you know what? It’s good.

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