Video Premiere: Russian Metalcore Act PROMISE TO TAKE Take On “Gravedigging”

Promise to Take

Russian metalcore quartet Promise to Take are set to release their new EP entitled Animosity on August 30th. Premiering today is a music video for the song “Gravedigging.” Watch it below.

Speaking about the theme of “Gravedigging” singer Slava Antonenko commented, “This is arguably the most interesting song on the new EP in a sense that we’ve never explored such topics before. It’s a song about a person essentially wasting his life, creating a false image of himself. He does everything he can to become rich and famous, but fails to realize that while doing so he neglects people who actually care about him. And of course, once the realization strikes it’s already too late. And now, when all the dust settled, so to say, he has literally nothing not only to live, but also to die for.

The video for “Gravedigging” was directed by Evgeny Kozlov at Hot Pixel media. On how the video came about Antonenko says, “Filming a video for a song like this without it trying too hard to drive the point home is a challenge in itself. We always liked the idea of sort of subliminal messages, where the listener or in case of music video—a viewer—has an opportunity to figure things out on his own and come to his own conclusions. So we tried to show your average night life, with people seemingly coming to spend time with their friends and enjoy the evening, but ending up just drinking themselves into oblivion. And possibly, by the end of the day, even realizing that maybe that was not the way to go.

Many of the songs on Animosity touch upon topics of inner struggle and self-defeat, but Promise to Take’s message is always to keep on fighting until the very end, even if one is never destined to succeed.

It’s difficult to outline the common theme of Animosity, probably it’s the animosity itself, however not toward others, but towards yourself instead,Antonenko admits and goes on saying, “‘Gravedigging’ was the first song we actually wrote for this EP, and it’s a great opening track. It sets the theme just right from the get go, but it’s not as dark or grim like some of the other songs.

Although Promise to Take have been putting out releases actively since 2012, Animosity shows a lot of promise from a band on the brink of extraordinary things, all wrapped up with epic songwriting tendencies and a great deal of talent. The new EP is a truly promising release, and if the Russian band continue to hone their style as they have obviously done over the past few years, they will no doubt become one of the genre’s most defining bands.

Watch a video for “Gravedigging” below, and stay tuned for “Animosity” on Bandcamp. Follow Promise to Take on Facebook.

Promise to Take line-up:

Slava Antonenko – vocals
Ilya Nikonenko – guitar
Vladimir Kaznacheevskii – guitar
Alex Kurochkin – bass


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