Prog Sphere Recommends: Dreamgrave’s Presentiment

Dreamgrave - Presentiment

Exploring the realm of our dreams in some ethereal balance, unrestrained by definable sound, but in a daunting storm of emotions.

Hungarian progressive metal outfit, Dreamgrave, says a lot with their second full-length record Presentiment, and as its name suggests there is always a “gut feeling.” These guys and girls have crafted a record that in the same time takes the best from likes such as Opeth, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Xandria, Dream Theater and everything in between.

In a recent interview for Prog Sphere, guitarist and singer Dömötör Gyimesi said: “It took two full years to write, to demo and to produce it [Presentiment] from the very first note to the digipak you can actually buy now. It’s an evolution to a musically and emotionally advanced music, framed by a coherent and broad concept bearing every single feeling and thought of our lives from the last couple years.

An extremely underrated piece of work, Presentiment deserves all the attention out there, and that’s why you should get it from Bandcamp, and help the band to produce more of what the do best.


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