[press release] Øresund Space Collective – Sleeping With the Sunworm

This is the 11th release by the completely improvised space rock band from the Øresund region in Scandinavia. The band is mainly made up of members from Copenhagen, Denmark and the Malmö, Sweden area. This is the last of the material from the October 2008 studio session that gave us the Dead Man in Space and Slip into the Vortex releases. The music on this CD is one long 56min space rock jam!

We split it into three parts for ease of play. It starts very slow heavy and spacey with a massive sound, before the track heads into a new directions with some beautiful guitar. An uptempo section develops after 15 or so minutes and features some intense guitar and synthesizer interaction. Due to an out of tune synthesizer, a new synthesizer section was overdubbed by Mogens. Magnus also replaced one of his guitar sections but other than these two small sections it is a completely improvised piece of music. Enjoy! A heavy and emotional piece of music. (Dr. Space)

Sleeping With the Sunworm was recorded and mixed at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen. Mastered in Göteborg by Henrik Udd. The players were: Magnus – Space Guitar / Synth, Stefan – Space Guitar, Jocke – Bass, Kaufmann – Drums and percussion, Dr. Space – Synths, Mogens – Synths. The album is due in December and is a limited digipak handnumbered edition of 500.

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