Premiere: CHAMEL3ON Launch New Single “Numbers”

CHAMEL3ON Launch New Single "Colors"

Denver hard-rockers CHAMEL3ON are back again with dynamic new single, “Numbers,” premiering today with Prog Sphere. Stream the song below.

Following the lead of “Color Me Strange” released last month, “Numbers” comes as the second and final preview ahead of the release of debut album, The Mandala Effect which will be available to stream on October 15th.

A prog-rock arrangement tinted with hues of hardcore and grunge soundscapes, “Numbers” summons a musical styling similar to influences among the likes of Soundgarden, Mastodon, and Tool. An ambient intro and explosive guitar riff lead to minimal verses that bloom into a heavy bridge and breakdown, where soaring vocals morph into urgent screams. On the inspiration behind the song, founding member Lorenzo Vidali explains, “Lyrically, the song is pretty simple, it’s about realizing how small we are in a vast universe. It’s easy to know that, but it takes time to really get it in the emotional sense. This song is about that process.

Although by day they are working professionals in each of their prospective careers, the members of CHAMEL3ON come together to make music in its purest form. Celebrating the process of collaboration and teamwork, the band blends a shared classic nu-metal influence with a modern hardcore approach they personally brand as ‘post nu-metal.’ Their debut album ‘The Mandala Effect‘ is full of transcendent soundscapes and lyrical themes in search of meaning and purpose in a world that wants to pull you in a million different directions.

Numbers” is out now while debut album ‘The Mandala Effect‘ is out on October 15th via independent release.

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