Hear OPETH’s “Chrysalis” off “Sorceres” Album with Growl Vocals

Jordan Guthrie covering Opeth's Chrysalis

Browsing through Jordan Guthrie‘s YouTube channel clearly shows that this dude is a huge Opeth fan, who also happens to be a musician, and who occasionally does full covers of Opeth songs.

One of the covers that really grabbed my attention is his rendition of Opeth‘s piece “Chrysalis,” taken from the group’s latest album, 2016′s Sorceress. Jordan uses growl vocals in verses, so if you wondered how would the new stuff sound if Mikael Akerfeldt would still incorporate this singing style check the video below.

I must say that it sounds very interesting, and kind of unexpected. Oh, and props to Jordan for nailing all those guitar solos.

Sorceress was released in September 2016 via Nuclear Blast imprint Moderbolaget Records; purchase it from this location.

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