MIKE PORTNOY Talks About Being in Many Bands

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy talked about being a member of so many bands at once – specifically the Neal Morse Band, Flying Colors, Transatlantic, The Winery Dogs and Sons of Apollo – explaining to Metal Wani about how he handles the whole situation:

I have to approach each of them differently because there’s so many different styles involved and so many different personalities involved.

The process has been kind of same for all these bands, the writing and the recording, but the chemistry is always different.

It’s gonna be one thing when you’re writing with Steve Morse [in Flying Colors], it’s gonna be another thing when you’re writing with Richie Kotzen and Billy Shehan [in The Winery Dogs], it’s gonna be another thing when you’re writing with Derek Sherinian and Bumblefoot [in Sons of Apollo].

There’s gonna be a very different chemistry in the room. So I kind of have to always adapt to that, the personalities, not over the styles and the musical direction.

And also, my role has to change from process to process. There’s some bands where I’m more of a leader, there’s other band’s where it’s more democratic and very collaborative. There’s other situations, like when I was touring with Twisted Sister or Avenged Sevenfold, I’m just the drummer, more of a hired gun.

So I have to be able to adapt to all the different styles and situations.

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