MIKE PORTNOY on “12 Step Suite” Shows: “This is Ending of DREAM THEATER Journey for Me”

MIKE PORTNOY on "12 Suite Step" Shows: "This is Ending of DREAM THEATER Journey for Me"

Mike Portnoy said he will no longer revisit Dream Theater material once the current Shattered Fortress tour, on which he performs the “12 Step Suite” by Dream Theater, is wrapped up. He told Metal Talk:

As far as the music goes, [the ongoing tour on which I'm revisiting '12 Step Suite'] is closure for me.

I don’t ever plan on revisiting Dream Theater material beyond this tour.

This is the finite ending of the Dream Theater journey for me.

I’ve been doing so many other things during the last six years, without touching the Dream Theater material after I do it on this tour, I have no plans of ever revisiting it.

I have so many other things in my life and career. This is the end of that career musically, but lyrically the 12 steps are something I have to have in my life for the rest of my life.

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