MIKE PORTNOY Intented to Play “A Change of Seasons” as Encore on SHATTERED FORTRESS Shows

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy has just announced Australia/New Zealand dates where he will be performing Dream Theater‘s “12 Step Suite” with his one-off live project Shattered Fortress.

Beside playing the “12 Step Suite” in full, the drummer and his band which consists of Haken and the Neal Morse Band members also plays other Dream Theater songs for which Portnoy penned lyrics. One of the songs that he will not be performing on the Shattered Fortress shows is “A Change of Seasons,” an epic which Portnoy intended to play as an encore.

In a new interview for Spotlight Report, Mike was asked about how he went on organising the setlist for the shows, on what he responded:

It was very easy for me. I mean, the ‘Twelve-Step Suite’ takes up an hour right there, and then I have literally dozens and dozens of Dream Theater songs to choose from that I wrote the lyrics to through all those years. Honestly, it’s easy to come up with the set list. With this group of songs, it’s actually harder to narrow down which ones to play – it wasn’t hard to come up with the songs. But they’re pretty obvious to me. In addition to the ‘Twelve-Step Suite,’ there’s a handful of songs that I wrote the lyrics to that were obvious contenders for the set list. The one that saddens me the most is that I’m not going to be able to play ‘A Change of Seasons,’ which I had intended on making the encore. That was the first song I ever wrote the lyrics to in Dream Theater; and, as I mentioned earlier, it was written about my mom dying in a plane crash. It’s an incredibly, incredibly personal song to me and it breaks my heart that Dream Theater are playing it on their current tour without me. Once I heard that they were performing it, that pretty much scratched it off my set list because I don’t want to be doing it now because they are. I had to choose some other songs instead.

See the poster below for the Australia and New Zealand Shattered Fortress dates.

Shattered Fortress - Australia dates

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