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Microsoft is a real leading IT vendor that apart from producing and selling its products, provides a wide variety of certifications for beginners and professionals. Being a certified professional is very prestigious, especially, when your certification is from the world known IT vendor, such as Microsoft. The owner of the Microsoft credential enjoys a number of benefits, for example, one boosts his or her career, gets better positions and a higher salary.

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This article dwells its attention on how to help you prepare for one of the post popular certification Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Web Application, which serves as a prerequisite to a much higher and reputable Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MSCD) certification. It should be mentioned, that they have been designed for those candidates who have a dream of building a career of web developers. Taking Microsoft exams is not an easy task but it’s possible to succeed in. To gain MCSA Web Applications credential one needs to pass either 70-480 or 70-483 exam and sit for 70-486 certification exam afterwards. To pass 70-480 exam, you need to possess HTML5 skills, while in 70-483 exam the core skills are C#.

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The Microsoft MCSD 70-483 exam is an entry-level certification test from the stable of Microsoft. It is designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge level of developers in the area of C# programming. The exam measures your competency and expertise in C# programming. Currently, C# is one of the leading programming languages and it has been in use all over the IT world to build web, game apps, and mobile software. There is no doubting the fact that in the future this programming language will continue gaining popularity, and as such, earning the MCSD App Builder certification in this area is an excellent way to boost your career.

There are great potentials that come with earning the C# certification, especially if you are trying to pursue a career in this area of IT. In order to earn this credential, you need to sit for and successfully pass 70-483 exam, which evaluates your competence, knowledge level, and ability to apply the course contents in real life scenarios.

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The final step of obtaining MCSA Web Applications certification, is taking 70-486 exam. It requires from individuals to work not only with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 technology, but with ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core. Thus, this exam is the last one on the way of getting MCSD App Builder certification, which is considered to be an expert-level credential for those who aim at being qualified web developers.

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So, if you choose to take 70-483 exam , you need to know how it can be done and to find the most effective prep materials. Let’s start!

Preparing for 70-483 Exam

When it comes to preparing for 70-483 exam, there are a number of top books that will be of immense help to you. First, you have to understand that there are many resource books and tools that have been made available for your exam preparation. Some are official study materials and some others are developed by professionals who have experience in the content areas of the test. With the numerous materials that are present, it might become a bit confusing to choose the best out of the lot for your 70-483 exam. Well, one of the ways to separate the wheat from the chaff is by going through the exam blueprint and the official study guide, as these preparatory resources can tell you in detail about the books and other materials where you can gather relevant information for the certification exam. Do not be carried away by the multitude of materials available to you. You should be able to choose wisely, as it will help you maximize your study efficiency towards your exam. In this guide, we have highlighted three useful books that will be of great help to you as you prepare for your 70-483 exam.

Top 3 Books for MCSD 70-483 Certification Exam

  • MCSD Toolkit: Programming in C# (Exam 70-483)

This is a perfectly developed study tool that adequately prepares you for the Microsoft 70-483 test. The book extensively covers all the core domains of the exam. As a matter of fact, each of the chapters in the book details one of the major subject domains that candidates are tested on. It also offers numerous tools needed for developing C# in WinRT or .Net. There are also many different sections with short introductions that enable the readers to clearly understand the basics of a particular tool.

There are many professionals who have contributed to the book, among which are experienced instructors who work with Microsoft in developing its certification programs. These authors have in-depth understanding of the exam objectives as well as the skills needed to master each of them. This rich and priceless knowledge is detailed in this book and it is definitely going to help you in understanding the different areas of the certification topics.

Contents of the MCSD Toolkit:

  • Step-by-step lab tutorial on each of the lessons detailed in the book, which gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt to reinforce your understanding of the lessons.
  • Website address where you can access over one hundred simulated practice test questions and answers.
  • Complete sample code.
  • Solutions for the hands-on labs shared in the book.
  • Unique and thorough author’s approach that both teaches how to respond to specific questions in the exam and also how to understand the underlying skills and concepts required to excel as a C# programmer.

  • Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# (MCSD)

This resource book is very appropriate for the exam topics. It is designed and specially written to help the candidates study for and pass the Microsoft 70-483 certification exam. Each of the chapters is written in accordance with the modules developed by Microsoft. Some topics are also developed based on deep knowledge of the author on extensive technical elements relating to the certification contents. Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# is designed to be used by experienced software developers who want to advance their career. There is no doubt, this book is an exceptional resource tool to help you in your exam preparation. You can purchase the book on Amazon or any similar online store.

  • Exam 70-483: The C# Programmer’s Study Guide

Not to sound patronising, this book is the best resource tool that you can use for your Microsoft 70-483 certification exam preparation. The C# Programmer’s Study Guide covers all the different topics of the exam content in great details. It also comes with practical examples as well as code challenges. In addition to passing your exam, the resource material will also help you develop the skills needed to become an exceptional C# developer.

After using some of these helpful printable recourses for 70-483 certification exam, and getting acknowledged with the exam objectives, find more prep materials, such as video courses, exam dumps, mock tests, online chatting with successful candidates. And you will definitely pass this exam. Having taking 70-486 exam, completed it successfully and gained MCSA Web Applications credential on your CV, you can start your preparation towards 70-487 certification exam. That final stone that leads you to the MCSD App Builder credential-of-your-dream. Being based on the core topics of 70-480, 70-483 and 70-486 exams, this test requires from candidates more deep and profound knowledge of such technologies as Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 ans Microsoft Azure.

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Preparing for MCSA Web Application certification exams (70-480, 70-483 and 70-486)  requires a lot from a potential candidate. There are many topics to cover and even more materials to study. Still, you don’t have to worry or fret about your exam preparation. There are enough resources available to help you prepare for the test. The books listed above will be your best assistants during 70-483 exam preparation as they will build your expertise for real life work scenarios in C# programming. You can choose any of the books and settle down to do some good study. Starting your preparation from the guide books before taking MCSA Web Applications exams, you will become closer to MCSD App Builder credential, that only waits from you to take 70-487 certification test. Being well-equipped with the necessary information you will definitely pass. Wish you success!

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