MAX PORTNOY Picks His 10 Favorite Drummers of All Time

MAX PORTNOY Picks His 10 Favorite Drummers of All Time

Mike Portnoy‘s son Max Portnoy (Next to None) sat down with Music Radar to jot down 10 of his all-time favorite drummers. You can check out the highlights below, and read more on the Music Radar website.

Mike Portnoy

“First and foremost, my biggest influence, not only in drumming but in music as a whole, would have to be my dad, Mike Portnoy.”

Chris Adler

“One of the first drummers that really blew my mind at a young age was Chris Adler.”

Joey Jordison

“Slipknot was the first band that I ever became obsessed with, and I still am to this day. “

Mario Duplantier

“Mario is another one of those drummers that really has his own sound. He incorporates his ride cymbal in a lot of his fills which I thought sounded really cool.”

Jojo Mayer

“Normally, I gravitate more towards the metal side of drumming, but there was something about Jojo Mayer’s drumming that I thought was incredible.”

Danny Carey

“The first time I listened to Tool, I noticed that the drummer’s snare was off, which I originally I thought was a bit bizarre, but after I kept listening, I realized it fit the song perfectly, this song was called ‘The Grudge.’”

John Dolmayan

“Thanks to John Dolmayan, I’m now obsessed with adding latin beats to metal songs.”

Ray Luzier

“I first got introduced to Ray Luzier from listening to his performances on some of the Korn albums.”

Aoyama Hideki

“Okay, so when I first checked out Babymetal, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but after listening to a few songs, I was blown away by the musicianship on all the songs!”

Ray Hearne

“Ray is definitely my favourite drummer in the current progressive metal scene.”

Next to None‘s second album Phases is due on July 7.

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