Streaming Mangoo’s “Neverland”, Album Out On June 26th on Small Stone

Yesterday I’ve been thinking about the bands that combine the doom’s fuzziness with progressive rock and while my quest ended up with three top-of-the-head bands, being Ancestors, Bristol’s ANTA and Chapel Hill’s Bitter Resolve, like out of nowhere emerges the Finnish band Mangoo.

Although they do not list progressive rock as one of the ingredients, there are bits of it, enough to be mentioned. Neverland is the band’s second album, first they released on Small Stone Records, made of 13 numbers clocking on precisely 60 minutes. If you’ve ever wondered how fuzz pop sounds, then Mangoo is your choice.

No matter of all that genre hodge-podge, these felas manage to tame the raw energy that’s erupting from every riff. Borrowing all what is good from the genres’ greats, this band doesn’t lack for originality (probably the most hated word in the world of music nowadays). They are proudly showing their references and loosing them within their own walls.

Mangoo’s Neverland is due on June 26th on already mentioned Small Stone Records, so in case I gave you many thoughts about this record, no need to despair. Simply look below, hit the play button and taste progpsychestonerfuzzpop.

[mp3player width=590 height=340 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=mangooneverland.xml]


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