KATATONIA’s JONAS RENKSE About “City Burials”: “We Have Done Yet Another Very Good Katatonia Album” [Video]

Katatonia 2020: Interview with Jonas Renkse

Before the recent Katatonia performance at Izmir Arena in Izmir, Turkey on January 31st, guitarist Anders Nyström and singer Jonas Renkse talked with Moshpit Promotions’ Niko Savic about their upcoming studio album City Burials, released on April 24th on Peaceville Records. Watch the full video interview below. Pre-orders are opened here.

About his previous comments that City Burials is more direct and less progressive, Renkse explained: “It’s not anything deliberate that we are trying to be less progressive, it’s just that the songs took us on this kind of journey, and they wanted to become more direct. It’s not a decision from our side really. As we usually say they are just a set of new songs. Every album is different, we are always in a different mind-frame for every album. And this happened to be where we are right now. So it’s just a new set of Katatonia songs.

Whether or not City Burials in some way confronts expectations of Katatonia fans, Jonas said: “It’s very hard to say. We can only do what we think we do best. It is concentrating on the songs. We like emotional songs and we try to convey them as good as possible. And then it’s of course up to the audience in April to see what they think about it. From our perspective, we have done yet another very good Katatonia album.

Speaking about if there is an underlying concept behind City Burials, Renkse stated: “Not really, I wouldn’t say. We always have a loose concept. But it’s not something that we usually talk about afterwards, it’s more for our own creative process. We just toy around with a concept just to make it sort of easier for us to have an overview of what we’re doing. So it’s not a concept album.

Cover photo by Ester Segarra

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