Video: DREAM THEATER’s JOHN MYUNG Pays Tribute to JACO PASTORIUS on Running Tour

John Myung Pays tribute to Jaco Pastorius

As we all know by now, Dream Theater are currently in Europe on a tour billed as “Images, Words & Beyond,” where the band plays their 1992 classic Images and Words in its entirety, among other hits.

One of the songs that the band features in setlists is John Myung‘s tribute to late bassist Jaco Pastorius, whom the Dream Theater‘s bassist cites as one of the biggest inspirations. The piece Myung plays every night is titled “Portrait of Tracy.”

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The song was originally released on Jaco Pastorius‘ 1976 self-titled debut album, and it served as a bassist’s dedication to his wife Tracy Sexton. This composition has already been covered before by bassists such as Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller, and the tune has also been sampled quite a few times by other music acts.

Jaco Pastorius¬†is considered as one of the most influential bassists. He was a member of Weather Report with whom he released six studio albums. Pastorius died at the age of 35, in September 1985 after spending a few days in coma due to a “violent confrontation.”

On the running Dream Theater tour, Myung plays “Portrait of Tracy” as an introduction to “As I Am.”

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