JAMES LABRIE Picks Five Singers That Influenced Him

James Labrie

Dream Theater‘s James Labrie recently sat down to talk with Music Radar about his vocal performance on the band’s latest album The Astonishing.

LaBrie sang vocals for all characters on the record, and speaking about the reception from the audiences, he told: “It was very rewarding to see around the world that fans were appreciative of what I did. Of course, you always get a few people asking why you didn’t get another singer in but we didn’t want to and I thought I could do it justice. ‘The Astonishing‘ album would be an amazing project to go to theatre, I hope it does.

In the interview, LaBrie also picks five singers that were a huge influence on his vocal style. He named Queen‘s Freddie Mercury, Journey‘s Steve Perry, Ronnie James Dio, Rod Stewart, and Nat King Cole.

Labrie went on to comment: “Freddie Mercury is my all-time favourite vocalist and he is also my biggest influence. Not only was he an incredible writer, a consummate frontman but his vocals were also unique and immediately identifiable.

About Ronnie James Dio: “Who the hell sang like Ronnie James Dio? No one did. There’s a lot of imitators out there and I’m not taking anything from them. If you can sound like Ronnie James Dio and sing like him that’s incredible, way to go.

Read full interview here.

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