ISAAC VACUUM’s “Cameo” Video: When Rhythms Haunt You

ISAAC VACUUM's "Cameo" Video: When Rhythms Haunt You

German post/prog rockers Isaac Vacuum have launched their first ever music video. Titled “Cameo,” it is a haunting motion picture with odd time signature rhythms, directed by Christoph Jordan of Redshift Recordings. Watch it below.

The band commented: “We had the opportunity to use an empty exhibition location with these great white walls. All you need is fog and some light! And of course two months for cutting and postproduction!

With every iridescent sound and unpredictable twist, you can feel the group’s potential soaring to loftier heights. Here, Isaac Vacuum take the pressure to change and transform it into an opportunity for unlimited growth—and perhaps the best part of it all is that they make the entire transition feel like a seamless, natural progression. When hearing “Cameo,” it feels like you’re experiencing so much more than sounds tossed together on a musical canvas.

“Cameo” is from the band’s latest effort Lords released in March and available from Bandcamp.

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