Premiere: HEYOKA’S MIRROR Welcome You to “Asylum” with Epic Video

Premiere: HEYOKA'S MIRROR Welcome You to "Asylum" with Epic Video

Calgary, Canada progressive metal band Heyoka’s Mirror are returning with a new single and video for the song “Asylum” which is a part of their upcoming full-length album, due in the Summer. The video for this instrumental piece was directed by Seth Williams and produced by Full Swing Productions. Watch it below.

About the story of the video keyboardist, guitarist and singer Andrew Balboa commented: “‘Asylum’ is where our character enters a world of monsters he has created for himself. There is now no escaping from the deeds he has committed in the past. It’s now time for Mr. Loomis to face his reality! The idea for ‘Asylum’ was inspired by everyday life, what people go through, how they are misunderstood and then sadly, eventually end up in a dark place. But, in Loomis’s case, he was an arrogant prick who would take advantage of innocent situations. He was a dirty, nasty scumbag of a human being who only cared about himself. We wanted to put Loomis through hell. Some punishment was in order for him. We wanted to write a story and not just a song based on chord progressions and riffs. We are musicians and our music needs to tell a story. We want the viewer to get involved and feel the story, feel the music and hopefully have them haunted by this song!

Since its formation in 2015, Heyoka’s Mirror went on to two singles and an EP titled Loss of Contact with Reality (2017), which received positive reviews. called it “immensely worthwhile reward,” while described it as “an outstanding record.”

Watch a video for “Asylum” below.

Heyoka’s Mirror 2020 line-up:

Andrew Balboa – keyboards and guitars
Omar Sultan – guitars
Brendan Rottweil – bass
Johnny Kerr – drums (session)


Heyoka's Mirror - Asylum

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