Help Fred Lessing’s wife Ines, in the fight against cancer!

With a hope that there is still good people who cherish a human’s life above everything, we are copying the full text from the Daymoon’s website:

Dear friends,

As some of you might know, I wrote my band’s debut album ALL TOMORROWS for my wife, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Her cancer has by now metastasised to her brain, and while treatable, the only treatment available here in Portugal is not covered by the national health insurance. As such, I would like to appeal to you to download the album for any price you see fit. I wrote this album for my wife, so let it now help saving here life.

When we have the physical album later this month, the same will apply.

How you can help:

- Either download our album here:
- Or directly via Paypal: (only for the physical CD – please mention your postal address in your message)
- Or via the bank account we have now opened for donations (only for the physical CD – please send me a mail with your postal address in your message):

(account owner) Joana Baptista Lessing
(NIB) 0018 0003 2208 7571 0202 9
(IBAN code) PT50 0018 0003 22087571020 29
(bank) Santander Totta
(account no.) 0018 003 2208 7571 0202 9
(bank address) Rua Áurea no. 88, 1100-063 Lisboa, Portugal

We really appreciate your help!

Here my wife’s plea:

As you know, I have cancer that has metastised into my brain, and our health system in Portugal just rejected the only efficient treatment. As such, I now have to go for private treatment. Here’s the whole story:

Treatment for my brain tumours was rejected as our health system has a list for excluding patients from stereotaxic radiosurgery (SRS), e.g., via the “Gamma Knife” machine at the semi-private CUF hospital in Lisbon. This hospital only accepts national health system patients by means of an authorisation given by a doctor at a central state hospital in Lisbon. The treatment exclusion criteria include any patients with secondary brain metastases and unchecked primary metastases in other parts of the body. For instance, if you have lung cancer that metastasises into the liver and later on into the brain, you are not entitled to SRS. The reasoning behind this is that hardly any patients like this survive in any case for more than a few months. Just that my primary metastases are restricted to my lymph nodes, and it is extremely unlikely that metastases will appear in any other organs. My cancer is of a very rare type – less than 1% of all colon cancer patients develop brain metastases, and cancer limited to the lymph node system is even rarer. Our health system’s exclusion list simply ignores cases like mine, and has as such rejected proper treatment. The brain surgeon who was going to operate my brain (Inês can’t have surgery as her chemotherapy has caused dangerous bloodclots in her lungs) specified expressly that SRS is the effective treatment for me, even in the long run. The doctor at the central hospital ignored this justification, informing me bluntly that I was going to die anyway, and that “brain surgeons don’t know a thing”. (Apart from that, he humiliated, offended and verbally abused me for half an hour…)

I was now offered Whole Brain Radiotherapy, which is normally only used after surgery or SRS, or else for palliative care, while according to the several radiotherapy doctors I’ve spoken to, is not my case. I can live for several years to come if I get the right treatment…

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