Premiere: GONE ARE THE DAYS Launch “Show Your Temper” Video

Premiere: GONE ARE THE DAYS Launch "Show Your Temper" Video

Saint Petersburg, Russia’s metal five-piece GONE ARE THE DAYS are premiering a new video single “Show Your Temper.” Watch it below.

Written in May 2019, “Show Your Temper” initially was supposed to be an experimental humorous jingle consisting of just three notes, but it evolved into a full-fledged song with thought-provoking lyrics.

The band commented: “The story was inspired by the musicians’ observation of increasing nervousness typical for people living in the hectic 21st century society. In general, the song is about proper ways of expressing aggression and inner tension. The lyrics are presented in the form of monologic provocative challenge to the one suffering from anger convulsions.

The video for “Show Your Temper” directly reflects the gist of the song except for one feature. The video tells the story of a teenager who is extremely irritated by the hardships he has to face.

Guitarist and singer Vladimir Poruntsov said: “The figure of Tempter turns up each time the character loses his nerve. However, being a sort of incitement, the Tempter’s appeal leads to controversial issues. In other words, we decided to make the plot according to art principles – there always should be some unresolved conflict.

Back in October 2019, GONE ARE THE DAYS released their full-length debut album There. With the album and new single launched, the band is currently recording their sophomore album. But before that GONE ARE THE DAYS plan launching an EP in May this year.

About these plans, the group said: “The EP consists of 6 songs including an acoustic version of one of the tracks. Besides, a new video for the song from the EP is already shot. In addition, within 2020 the band plans to make 3 videos for the songs from the release. As for the live performances, we are planning to give several concerts to support the EP. The coverage includes not only Russia but also some neighboring countries like Finland, Estonia etc.”

Watch a video for “Show Your Temper” below. There is available from Bandcamp here. Follow GONE ARE THE DAYS on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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