7 Reasons to Get Your Girlfriend to Listen to Your Favorite Progressive Metal Bands

7 Reasons to Get Your Girlfriend to Listen to Your Favorite Progressive Metal Bands

Progressive metal isn’t an independent music genre. It appeared as a sub-genre of heavy metal, which combined metallic sound and progressive structure of the compositions. This genre is based on progressive rock and includes complex compositional structures, bizarre rhythm dimensions and intriguing technique of playing musical instruments. The high level of professionalism of musicians is often combined with the lyrical in the form of conceptual epic texts, the result of which are quite long songs and conceptual albums.

Of course, tastes differ. But there are 7 strong reasons to convince your girlfriend to listen to your favorite progressive metal bands.

  1. Tell her a remarkable history of progressive metal

The origins of progressive metal can be traced back to the early seventies – the era of the popularity of progressive rock, at the very beginning of which the first attempts were made to combine progressive music with heavy guitar riffs. Almost all the hard rock bands of that period used this technique. And Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rush are often called the forerunners of progressive metal.

Heavy metal originated in the late seventies with the appearance of the so-called “new wave of British heavy metal”. This is primarily about Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The aggressive guitar style used by these musicians formed the basis of progressive metal. It’s very difficult to trace who was the first to combine heavy metal sound with the progressive flight of thought. However, it can be assumed that the musical achievements of Iron Maiden had the greatest impact on the emergence of this music genre.

  1. Break stereotypes

First of all, explain to your girlfriend that metal – isn’t a group of boys who extract a rattling noise from their guitars, only curse and worship to Satan. And people who listen to progressive metal don’t go to the forest every full moon to sacrifice the gods of darkness. It may shock her, but many metal compositions are gentle and beautiful, such works are incredibly complex and require marvelous execution.

  1. Let her listen attentively

She should listen not only sonorous guitars and unusual vocals. Although listening to the sharp sound of guitars and special vocals require an acquired habit (especially if she has been listening to light music before), it’s more than just awkward sounds. In this music, there are melodies, harmonies and a complex structure, which can be heard and appreciated only by devoting some time to acquaintance with the genre.

  1. Take her out to live prog-metal performance

Pay her attention to how the members of the band play the instruments. This is a good experience for her, especially if you have the opportunity to be near the stage or even see behind the curtain. If your girlfriend has ever tried to play one of these instruments, she will wonder what skills the musicians have. They needed a long practice and dedication, which contradicts the stereotype that lovers of metal are often lazy and frivolous. She can also be surprised at how energetic some of them are on stage.

  1. Complete professionalism of musicians

Of course, this is the most professional direction in rock music. Besides that the musicians of this genre know the technique of performance better than anyone else, they are excellent composers and never afraid to experiment. Form and harmony flourish in their compositions. They sing about the complex world around us, but do it not trivially, so the fantasy is surprisingly infused with reality.

  1. Brain training

Your girlfriend won’t believe, but listening to progressive metal is an intellectual experience! The scientists say so and give the following explanation. When we listen to a complex musical composition, the brain, especially its prefrontal area, begins to work intensively. Namely, this part of the brain is responsible for our ability to intellectualize and build logical chains. Learn more about the impact of music on your health and social life on romancecompass.com/travel-girls/.

  1. A very fascinating genre of music

This is probably the most interesting direction in the metal. Its analog in non-metal rock is art-rock – rock with complex structures, a lot of melodic and rhythmic solutions that evoke analogies with classics. Progressive rock differs from art rock in that it has more emphasis on rhythm and, of course, metallic sound. Bands of this genre use a wide range of instruments. Keyboards are used for solos, not just for creating backgrounds. The violin sounds mellower, sometimes even a symphony orchestra and chorus are used.

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    July 31, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    I’m actually a girl who listens to prog metal. Gotta have my man listen to that!

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