Germans Eat the Most of Pie

Since such feature is enabled to be shown, I thought to give you a closer look in the whole thing about ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilations‘ statistics. As you might see on the charts shown below, these diagrams show where the most downloaders come from. I have to mention that charts for the first and second part are not available, as they are hosted on different sharing services and all I can give you about these two are the numbers of downloads.

Let’s start from the third part of Progstravaganza series. First of all, the chart shown below tells that this part of series is the most downloaded compilation we released so far. But, the exact number of how many times it has been downloaded is actually bigger. That’s because the first 149 downloads of this compilation came from the different link and adding this number to the actual 1,102 (how many there are at the moment of writing this post), in total we get the number of 1,251 downloads. And it’s terrific.

Progstravaganza 3 pie chart

FusionTastic edition of Progstravaganza compilation released in March 2011 is the fourth part of series and I actually thought that this one doesn’t have THAT much chances comparing to other parts, but it showed exactly the opposite. At the moment of writing this post, it’s been downloaded for exactly 900 times, and as you may see on the chart shown below, Germans once again eat the most of pie. What actually means that Dan and I are really good pie-makers.

Progstravaganza 4 pie chart

Finally (but certainly not the least from Progstravaganza series of compilations) we come to the fifth edition of Progstravaganza series subtitled Extreme Edition, where we presented 21 new bands coming (mostly) from metal oriented genre, covering that way extreme, technical and progressive. Totaling 1,032 clicks so far, it’s easy to conclude that this part is second most downloaded compilation. And of course, Germany is the absolute crown of the throne, taking a lead with 55,62% of total downloads. Stunning!

Progstravaganza 5 pie chart

At the end, to complete the whole image about Progstravaganza compilation, I will put a simple question. Does the number of  4,775 downloads (including first two parts in total result) tell you something? It certainly does. Our mission is accomplished, but not that we’re done here. The brand new compilation has just been posted the other day and let’s see how many clicks that one will get.

Until the next time,
Ein herzliches Dankeschön!

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.


  1. Sal

    June 24, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    You’re welcome and bitte, gerne geschehen, wir haben zu danken.

    I am humbled as editor of THE news site in Germany ( to be part of those guys in Germany, who have spread the word so successfully about your fantastic releases. This is exceptionally good work to help the smaller prog acts to find their audience. Your releases are really something special and I really hope, our readers have taken the opportunity not only to download the free stuff but also to buy/order those releases they liked the most at their favourite retailers.It’s initiatives like yours that keep our small worldwide community alive.

    And the new new compilation is fantastic!

  2. Nikola Savić

    June 25, 2011 at 5:12 am

    Thanks a lot, Sal! ProgRock-DT did and still does a really great job and thanks to you our compilations have been downloaded for thousand(s) of times. That really makes us keeping up with the whole thing of releasing them. And hopefully, we will release a real physical edition of compilation when we are about to publish its tenth part of the series, as a sort of jubilee. Our initial mission with whole this thing is accomplished, we introduced many unknown bands to the people around the globe and we will keep doing this as long as we keep the flame alive. Thanks for your kind words and for your support.

    - Nick

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