Exclusive: Stream New Single by Swedish Death Metallers FUEL FOR NIGHTMARES

The Omega Thesis

Swedish death metal quartet Fuel For Nightmares are launching a new single, “The Omega Thesis,” exclusively with us at Prog Sphere. Stream it below.

Guitarist Johnny Nymark commented about the track: “The story behind ‘The Omega Thesis’ is a short, passive-aggressive, scientific and nihilistic viewpoint of the birth and collapse of cosmos and mankind.

Prior to the new song’s premiere, Fuel For Nightmares launched “Perception of Dismal” lyric video which, according to Nymark, was written during a home studio session and “was based on the chorus riff.”

‘The Omega Thesis’, on the other side, was written part by part during three or four rehearsal sessions,” Nymark said.

The album art for “The Omega Thesis” was designed by Federico Boss at Abstract Chaos Design, who commented, “It’s only what came to my mind while listening to the song non-stop in a loop.

Fuel For Nightmares will release another single “As the Flame Swallows” in November. Simultaneously, the band is putting final touches on a debut album, “Implexion.”

“We will try to do a few live gigs as well. The live nerves are starting to itch,” Nymark concludes.

“The Omega Thesis” is available on Spotify; stream the single below. For more about Fuel For Nightmares follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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