FREIA Music Announces New Progressive Rock Compilation Album “Dutch Exposure”

23 years after the last release of a compilation album in the Exposure-series a new album is planned for release later this year. FREIA Music is looking for the 6 Dutch bands that represent the best of the new generation of progressive rock in the Netherlands.

The search for progressive talent in the Netherlands will be carried out in close collaboration with three organisations active in the Dutch progressive rock scene: Background Magazine, iO Pages magazine and ProgWereld. Each of them will select two bands that will be nominated to participate in the “Dutch Exposure” project. Each of the 6 selected bands will get the opportunity to record one track for the album.

However, “Dutch Exposure” is more than just a compilation album. Each of the selected bands will get the opportunity to compete in a battle. The winner will get the opportunity to record a full album on theFREIA Music label. The details of the battle are at this moment not definite. We’re looking into the possibilities of organising a festival with the competing bands. This next to online competitions via social media.

The album will be released on 180 grams wide grooved vinyl together with CD and/or downloads with additional material. The release date is planned around October November 2012.

Bands interested in participating in the “Dutch Exposure” project can register through each of the participating organisations. You can request more information through


FREIA Music is a small label specialised in releasing progressive rock music and music in related styles. It aims to release high quality products. FREIA Music focuses both on rereleasing music that is no longer available and unique old material as on releasing music by new bands in the progressive scene. During the 80′s of the last century FREIA Music released over 10 albums. These include albums by Achet-Aton and The Last Detail. The last Exposure album, “Exposure 88″was also released on FREIA Music. After being dormant for 20 years FREIA Music is relaunched.

For many years, Background Magazine ( used to be an international magazine specialised in progressive rock music and related musical styles. A few years ago they revamped into an international webzine.

iO Pages magazine ( is the oldest existing magazine in the Netherlands dedicated to progressive symphonic rock and related genres. The magazine is published 7 times a year in 2.300 copies.

ProgWereld ( is Holland’s largest website dedicated to progressive rock and related styles. For over 11 years Progwereld is well known for its thorough reviews and interesting interviews and specials.

The Exposure series is an initiative of Ronnie Larkins (Exposure magazine) and Steven Wilson (No Man’s Land, Porcupine Tree). It gave new progressive talent an platform to present itself to the public. The first two compilation albums were released in 1984 en 1985 on Steven Wilson’s No Man’s land label. “Exposure 88″, the third album in the series, was released by FREIA Music in 1988. A fourth all American release never materialised.

CWAC (Children With A Challenge) Foundation support children who are in need of extra care to succeed in life. CWAC Foundation receives 25% of the net profits of all FREIA Music releases.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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