5 Bands Whose New Albums We Would Love to See in 2017

5 bands whose new albums we would love to see

We are already four months in 2017, and although there have been quite a few great new releases, I thought for a while about the bands whose new albums I, and I believe a lot of people, would love to see by the end of the year.

I’ve made a list of ten bands, but I’m sure that I missed many of them, and for that I would love you to let us know in the comments below whose new albums would you love to hear.


I’m not really sure what is the status of this band. Their last album, Fire Make Thunder, was released in 2012. The band’s Facebook page doesn’t offer much new information about the band. It seems that Kevin Moore is creating some new Chroma Key material, and Jim Matheos is active with Fates Warning. I think that it’s time for some new OSI music. What do you say?

The Flower Kings

TFK‘s latest studio album is 2013′s Desolation Rose. Roine Stolt released an album with Jon Anderson in 2016 titled Invention of Knowledge, and also a full-length with Kaipa da Capo titled Dårskapens Monotoni. Bassist Jonas Reingold released DOT with Karmakanic, while Tomas Bodin released a solo album She Belongs to Another Tree back in 2015. The same year, Hasse Fröberg released an album with his band Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion. The Flower Kings‘ biggest break between the two albums was after the release of The Sum Of No Evil in 2007; after five years the band put out Banks of Eden in 2012.


The prog super-group Transatlantic released Kaleidoscope in 2014 which received mixed reviews. Although it’s unlikely that the group will release something new this year, it would definitely be great to see something new from them in the near future. Especially when thinking of what that next might sound like.

My Brother The Wind

Swedish psychedelic/space rockers released their third studio album Once There Was A Time When Space And Time Were One in 2014, and it’s time for the refreshment. In August last year the band performed at the Crescendo festival in France, but there are no news from their camp about the possible new release. Niklas Barker is active with Anekdoten.


The latest release from the Swedish djent collective is 2013′s EP Thousands of Evils. Before that the band released an EP Omnislash in 2009 and a full-length Måsstaden in 2011. Most recently the group has been active live performing at the Euroblast festival, but other than that we don’t know much. Perhaps this silence can be broked with another masterpiece.

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