Premiere: FALSE GHARIAL Spiral Into Despair with “Turning Point” Single


Singapore-based metal purveyors False Gharial have launched a new single taken from their upcoming EP Tragic Demise, out on September 29th. Stream “Turning Point” below.

About the new single the band stated, “Turning Point is about those tragic events that turn someone’s life into a spiral of sadness, despair and depression, leading inevitably to its tragic demise. Look at the shitstorm we are living in right now, where we live surrounded by death, lockdowns, state surveillance and deprivation of freedom… Turning Point’s mood and colour definitely reflects how our lives are going through a total collapse of epic proportions.

The upcoming EP—Tragic Demise—portrays one’s struggle with dark emotions in the face of tragedy. The flow of songs in the albums outlines the process of going from anger, depression and ultimately becoming indifferent to your own death under circumstances that show how powerless is human condition.

False Gharial comment, “We also point out how absurd is the fact that mankind’s tragedy is self inflicted, such as with technology gone out of control (Chernobyl), pandemics or acceptance of freedom deprivation under political control ‘acting for our own good’.

Asked about what can be expected from Tragic Demise EP, the band says: “We all come from a broad variety of influences and musical experiences. Overlap makes us want to create something together out of our differences. Turning Point comes off a process of exploration once we switched to 7 string guitars. Riffs were written with punch and groove in mind, maybe with some Nevermore, Gojira kind of influences. Some influences outside metal made their way in the writing process such as jazz rock (Alan Holdsworth, Mahavishnu Orchestra) and even Hindustani classical music.

One characteristic of this album is that it is not a bedroom computer composition (all those who compose in guitar pro know who they are). We enjoy jamming, improvising and let ourselves spontaneously come up with new material. Jamming composition allows us to focus better on the colour of our music, and keep ourselves honest on the relevance of our music in terms of groove, aggression, melody versus dissonance and keep an eye on the emotional intensity we want to convey.

Stream “Turning Point” below and pre-order Tragic Demise from Bandcamp here.

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