DESTINY POTATO: New Band to Burn One to

Destiny Potato are set to release their debut album "LUN" on May 13th

It’s been more than half a year now since I left my motherland, but it doesn’t have to do something with the fact that ever since then couple of really interesting and good bands emerged from Serbia. One of these bands is a female-fronted Belgrade-based quintet Destiny Potato. The line-up is comprised of already established names, including Dusan Vanja Andrijasevic on guitar, David Maxim Micic (whom you may be knowing from his Bilo projects) on guitars, keyboards & programming, Milan Jejina Jeqy on drums, Bojan Kvocka on bass and Aleksandra Djelmas on vocals.

They are set to release their debut album entitled LUN on May 13th. Stylistically, there are dozens and dozens of bands that are of similar genre orientation as Destiny Potato, but judging by the Belgraders’ two singles taken from LUN they manage to create something really interesting and (again that word) innovative. Most of it is due to vocals of Aleksandra Djelmas. Love Song and Addict do not give a clear image of what is to be expected on LUN, as both are quite varied structurally, but it’s easy to predict that the full-length album will be something really good. Eager to hear it.


Lun tracklist:
1. The Build Up
2. Indifferent
3. Take A Picture
4. Machine
5. Love Song
6. Lunatic
7. Walls Of Thoughts
8. Blue Sun
9. U.Y.M.
10. Lost Dream
11. House Of Lies.
12. Addict
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