DEREK SHERINIAN on SONS OF APOLLO: “We’re a Rock Band with Sick-Ass Chops”

DEREK SHERINIAN on SONS OF APOLLO: "We're a Rock Band with Sick-Ass Chops"

Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian – former members of Dream Theater and current members of Sons of Apollo supergroup alongside Billy Sheehan, Bumblefoot and Jeff Scott Soto – talked about what makes their new band different from the rest, with Derek telling Big Bang:

Mike and I were very instrumental in the vocals as far as the lyrics and the melody lines.

We wanted to make sure that there was none of the cheesy elements that are in most progressive rock bands.

The high vocals [mimics vocals] or the low [vocals], or the fake anger, like acting like you’re upset but you’re not.

There’s none of that shit. It’s fucking straight-up rock and roll vocals. That’s what separates Sons of Apollo from the rest of the pack. We’re a rock band with sick-ass chops with octopus pedigree.

Portnoy said:

Basically, this was my dream lineup. My dream lineup instrumentally was PSMS [the instrumental band featuring Portnoy, Sherinian, Sheehan and Tony MacAlpine], I was the one who chose that lineup as well.

I knew that was for progressive metal, kind of jazz fusion instrumental. I thought that was the best lineup for that.

Once we had that PSMS experience, Derek was, like, ‘Hey, we should turn this into a full-time band.’ The timing just wasn’t right.

Now that the timing was right, we took PSMS as a kind of a blueprint, but we knew we needed a more hard rock, heavy metal guitar god and a singer.

Bumblefoot and Jeff Scott Soto were to me, the guys. I pictured in my head, what is the dream lineup for a progressive metal, hard rock, supergroup? This was it.

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