David Gilmour – On an Island

David Gilmour - On an Island

Famous for his work as the lead guitarist and part-time vocalist of world class rock act Pink Floyd, David Gilmour treats his league of fans to another dose of his music, years after the band itself has split. Going their own separate ways, David Gilmour seems to still have the style that drew listeners to him in the first place, but without the other members of the Floyd, it’s foolish to expect something of the same quality as a typical band masterpiece. For what it is however, Gilmour has made a spacy album that resonates with his more lucrative years, and should please the majority of the fans that have followed his music through the 70′s.

‘On An Island’ has the glory of having a Grammy-nominated track on it; ‘Castellorizon.’ While the Grammies certainly shouldn’t be regarded as being the ‘end-all’ opinion on music, the instrumental works as a great overture to the rest of the album. However, I am firm in the belief that the track could have been so much more if the concepts and musical nuances in it had been developed on more, instead of just cycling through a bunch of promising sounds and ending with a solo. However, it does segue into the memorable single and title track very well. ‘On An Island’ is very much a perfect example of what the album is all about; relaxation and nostalgia. Sounding like it wouldn’t be much out of place on ‘Dark Side Of The Moon,’ ‘On An Island’ is a great song to check out to see if the album whose name it shares is worth your time.

The rest of the album shares the general feel of the title track, with a few exceptions in which Gilmour will delve into some typical blues, and even a folky passage that sounds like it is the soundtrack to a dingy longshoreman’s dock.

As always, the music is intelligently arranged, giving some extra meat to the bones of the already-good songwriting. Some symphonic string sections give an air of class to the music, as well as some beautifully effective keyboard work. A large host of guest musicians are brought on board, including some famous singers such as Graham Nash. However, things are mixed in such a way that you wouldn’t know that anyone else had done much with the album besides Gilmour himself, unless you had taken a look at the liner notes.

‘On An Island’ is a laid back album that’s perfect for relaxation. While there’s not a great deal of variety to the sound here or many parts that take a break from being merely mood music and really grab your attention, David Gilmour has certainly crafted a work that is competent, and proof that a great album has the potential to be made, regardless of the artists age or length of his career.

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