DAVID COVERDALE: “It Breaks My Heart” JIMMY PAGE’s Not Being Able to Reunite LED ZEPPELIN

DAVID COVERDALE: "It Breaks My Heart" JIMMY PAGE's Not Being Able to Reunite LED ZEPPELIN

Whitesnake mastermind David Coverdale discussed his former musical collaborator Jimmy Page, explaining to Sweden Rock Magazine:

The saddest thing for me, and my dear, dear, dear beloved friend Jimmy Page – I think one of the reasons he’s explored the Zeppelin catalog so significantly is because he can’t get the guys to commit to making a new record or touring.

Zeppelin‘s his baby, as Whitesnake is mine, but I’m very happy to say I have a fabulous fresh chapter of Whitesnake.

I’m still a recording entity and I’m still a touring entity. The last two years have literally been the most successful we’ve had forever. It’s been fabulous. Next year, God willing, won’t be any different. This year, we’re gonna be all studio, write a new album and have new product for next year.

But Jimmy doesn’t have that – he doesn’t have an opportunity.

I’ve recommended to him for years to do what Carlos Santana did with ‘Supernatural’ [a massively-succesful album featuring a variety of guest vocalists].

Jimmy‘s got all these great songs. I said, ‘I’m there for you. I’ll do a couple of songs for you, without a doubt.’ I said, ‘Do something like ‘Supernatural’. At least you’re playing.’

It breaks my heart, ’cause he’s such a fucking valuable musician. With what he’s already given to us, he doesn’t really owe us anything, but I just know that he’s still valid and relevant and can still play amazing guitar and write amazing songs.

Where do you go after fucking Led Zeppelin, dude? Where do you go?

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